More Than Just a Little Red Berry

Urinary tract issues, unfortunately, plague a large number of pets and can result in their constant discomfort, not to mention surmounting expenses that come with trying to control and eliminate the symptoms.

An alternative, all-natural way to support the health of your pet's urinary tract can include the use of natural cranberry. While cranberries may be small in size, they are chock full of important nutrients including vitamin C, flavonoids, citric acid and omega-3's.

More commonly recognized as a healthy source of antioxidants, cranberries, most notably, prevent the adhesion of bacteria, most notably E. coli, to the walls of the urinary tract. Being a naturally acidic fruit, cranberries can also be used as an aid in the prevention of alkaline urinary stones that may occur when the urinary pH is too high.

And if that isn't enough, cranberries also help support our pets' teeth and gum health by helping control the growth of tarter and plaque which can lead to tooth decay. The result: great oral health and fresh dog breath.

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