Glisten & Gleam™


Wholistic Equine Glisten & Gleam™ Coat shines from the inside out!

Horses need EFA’s (essential fatty acids) in their daily diet for optimum health. Well known for producing a gorgeous show coat, research supports many additional health benefits for horses fed flaxseed including healthier skin and stronger hooves. Wholistic Equine Glisten & Gleam™ does this in a natural whole-food form for complete digestability and bioavailability.

No fillers, no artificial ingredients or additives of any kind, no wheat, corn, soy or yeast!

    • Horses 100-1000 lbs ..................1/4 cup
    • Horses 1001 lbs and over...........1/2 cup

1 scoop = 1/4 cup = 26g

  • Organic stabilized flaxseed

A rich source of essential fatty acids, Omega-3 & Omega-6. Flaxseed promotes normal cell functioning and the production of hormone-like substances necessary for energy metabolism, cardiovascular, and immune health.

Wholistic Equine Glisten & Gleam™ provides EFA's in a natural whole-food form for complete digestibility and bioavailability.

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