Adopt a Shelter Dog Month with WPO

Adopt a Shelter Dog Month with WPO

Get a free Wholistic Bundle when you a adopt a dog during the month of October

Helping Shelter Dogs Find Their Forever Homes!

At Wholistic Pet Organics, we have a heartfelt commitment to our furry friends. October is "Adopt a Shelter Dog Month," and we want to make it even more special for you and your new canine companion.

What We Believe In:

Our family of dedicated dog lovers, knows the immeasurable joy of adopting a shelter dog. With two adopted dogs of our own and an ongoing passion for fostering, we understand the journey these dogs go through to find their forever homes.

Our Promise to You:

When you adopt a shelter dog during the month of October, fill out this form, and we'll send you a FREE Wholistic Bundle. Our mission is to make the transition into your family as smooth as possible by providing the nutritional support your new furry family member needs. Because every dog deserves the best start in their forever home!

Join Us in Making a Difference!

Let's work together to give shelter dogs the love and care they deserve. Wholistic Pet Organics is here to support you and your new furry friend on this beautiful journey of love, companionship, and wagging tails.

As Easy as One, Two, Three

Adopt a dog from a licensed 501(c)(3) non-profit shelter or rescue during the month of October

Step 1

Adopt a dog from a licensed 501(c)(3) non-profit shelter or rescue during the month of October


Step 2

Fill out this form!

Spend some quality time with your new pup. Your gift is on the way!

Step 3

Spend some quality time with your new pup. Your gift is on the way!

Terms and Conditions

In order to be eligible for a free Wholistic Bundle, the adopter must be 18 years or older, be a legal United States citizen, and online submission must show proof of adoption of a dog between October 1, 2023 and October 30, 2023. Complete submissions must be received by December 31, 2023 for consideration. [Submissions only valid via online form] Limit (1) Wholistic Bundle per adopter for eligibility. As part of your submission, you must provide the completed Form, including proof of adoption from a licensed 501(c)(3) non-profit shelter or rescue organization located in the United States. If approved, a Wholistic Bundle will be sent to the adopter identified on the proof of adoption and mailed to the United States-based address provided in the Sponsorship Form within 60 days of submission. Wholistic Pet Organics is not responsible for sales tax, transport fees, veterinary services, licenses, processing fees, or other costs outside the free Wholistic Bundle. All information fields must be fully and accurately completed, and all required documentation must be submitted. Wholistic Pet Organics has the sole and complete discretion to determine whether these eligibility criteria are met for this program and to reject incomplete submissions, not timely, do not satisfactorily document the adoption of a dog and the amount paid, or otherwise do not qualify.
You may post or upload content you have created, including, without limitation, photographs, your social media handle, videos, and comments (collectively, “User Submissions”) to your social media accounts. By posting and uploading User Submissions that you have tagged with #WholisticPetOrganics, you grant to Wholistic Pet Organics and its third-party service providers who provide content management services (collectively, the “Licensed Parties”) the perpetual, irrevocable, royalty-free, fully-paid, non-exclusive, transferable right to use your Wholistic Pet Organics-tagged User Submissions in any manner to be determined in Wholistic Pet Organics sole discretion, including but not limited to on its webpages, social media pages operated by Wholistic Pet Organic’s, and in its other marketing, promotional and advertising initiatives, in any media now or hereafter known.
Wholistic Pet Organics may use, display, reproduce, distribute, transmit, create derivative works from, combine with other materials, alter and/or edit your User Submissions in any manner in its sole discretion, with no obligation to you whatsoever. You grant the Licensed Parties the right to use your username, real name, image, likeness, caption, location, or other identifying information in connection with any use of your User Submissions. You hereby represent and warrant that (i) you own all rights in and to your User Submissions, (ii) you have permission from all person(s) appearing in your User Submissions to grant the rights granted herein, (iii) you are not a minor, and no person(s) appearing in the User Submissions are minors, and (iv) the Licensed Parties’ use of your User Submissions as described herein will not violate the rights of any third party or any law.
No purchase from Wholistic Pet Organics is necessary to participate in this promotion.

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