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Canine Complete™
Bev Spurr (Vancouver, CA)
Picky eaters

I have sleddogs and they don't like it when I add stuff to their meals. I was worried they wouldn't eat with the Canine Complete in their food, but they love it!
They have more energy and stamina since starting them on this too. Love this product!

Joint Mobility GLM™
Susan D Mowbray (Richland, US)
Joint Mobility

I started out using it for my arthritis dog and now give to all three of them. It’s great for their joints, and my pickiest of eaters likes it! they all are doing great and now I just buy the 4# tub. I will keep buying this holistic product!

Digest All Plus™
C.V. (Highland, US)

We like to rotate probiotics/digestive enzymes and digest-all is always in our rotation. The ingredients are perfect and I love that I am feeding my dogs a high quality digestive supplement!

Great Supplement for Healthy Skin and Coat

The Wild Salmon Oil supplement has been a great addition to my pup’s diet. I’ve noticed a marked change in the quality and health of his skin and coat since implementing in his daily feedings. He can’t wait to eat his food in the morning and there’s no hesitation when mixing this supplement with the Joint Mobility GLM from Wholistic Pet Organics.

Wild Salmon Oil
Steven Van de Grift (Manitowoc, US)
Thank you Wholistic Pet Organics

Our dog Jordy has a healthy coat and using wild salmon oil keeps our pet healthy.

Joint Mobility GLM™
Tammy Cramer (Jeannette, US)
Healthy fur babies

These products are absolutely fantastic my fur babies are healthier and more active. Allergy and stomach issues are gone thank you

Immune Balance (formerly Colostrum)
Linda Traub (Andover, US)
Immune Balance

Great product! I give it to my German Shepherd mixed in with his food and he has no issues with it

Immune Boost (formerly Ester-C®)

I have been using it for years and will not stop. Recommended by breeder and both my pups are in perfect health.

Hip & Joint Soft Chews (Formerly Run Free™)

Canine Complete™
Robin Blaine (Port Charlotte, US)
Fabulous product!

Give this to my Great Dane and 2 French Bulldogs. Not only do the love the taste, but I can rest assured they’re getting the nutrients they need.

Joint Mobility GLM™
Stephanie Chen (Kuala Lumpur, MY)
Great Supplement

Love that it doesn’t have any filler and has a great amount of glucosamine per scoop! Supplementing since young to prevent issues down the road :)

Canine Complete™
Mark Richardson (Buckeye, US)
Perfect supplement

Since I’ve been giving my 2 dogs Boston terrier and boxer both this product I’ve seen some changes. The bee pollen helping big time with allegeries with my Boston. The canine complete supplement is great both dogs are more energetic and seem to be doing better overall. Especially sleeping better at night and seen improvement on them not eating poop anymore. Great products looking to add more to their daily routine.

Wild Salmon Oil
C.S. (Ellaville, US)
Chloe Approves!

We have been using this on Chloe and it is doing wonders for her coat. It is so shiny and she loves it!

WholeCran Intense™
Crystal (Medford, US)
Beautiful color & delish

Rocco & Paulie are obsessed with this! They love the smell and mama loves the coloring!! So great for their over all health too! Especially since Rocco has had urinary issues! Can be for our kitties too! They come running when they hear me open it!

Wild Salmon Oil
Crystal (Medford, US)
Tasty and Beneficial

Our boys are obsessed with this being added to their food daily!! Their coats are not as full and shiny! They even enjoy licking the bottle after use lol! Our cats love it too!!

Joint Mobility GLM™
TC (Algonquin, US)
Drinking alot of extra water !!! ?

I have two Pyrenees Mix dogs one 100# + has had trouble with his knees/ACL/Hips and has been on pain meds/glucosamine for going on two yrs now. Those product has taken his recovery to a NEW level (Good) after onle 1wk. We ha e noticed both dogs are drinking alot of water but that's the only side effect we've noticed and if they continue showing g positive results will deal with that. Has anyone else noticed this?

Heavenly Herbal™ Pet Shampoo
Jedi TYSOR (Costa Mesa, US)
smells AHmazing!

I love this shampoo. It smells so good, you only need a tiny bit but it still is super effective. It lathers up well but is also great to put on a wash cloth for a quick paw/face refresh (anyone with a long haired dog will understand).

Run Free™
Kylie Brottman (Deerfield, US)

Great product. Really saw a change in Kylie’s abilities and mobility.

Heavenly Herbal™ Pet Shampoo
C.A.(. (Wildwood, US)
Great Product!

This is a great product! We love that it’s organic and doesn’t have a bunch of filler ingredients. It smells lovely, just like a spa from the essential oils. We highly recommend this product!

Multivitamin Soft chews

My Dog actually like to eat this so I do hope the ingredients are the best available, Thx

Glad I switched to canine complete

Since this is so complete, I was able to cut out several other supplements making my life easier and saving some money.

I'm happy that it comes in powder form and my dogs seem to like it.

WholeCran Intense™
Nicole H (North Las Vegas, US)
resolved my senior's frequent urination

My senior boy was having issues that seemed like a UTI (frequent urination), but urinalysis and labs came back normal. After researching different products, I started him on WholeCran (about 2 months ago), and he hasn't woken me up in the middle of the night to go out since.

Canine Complete™
Chakrin (Rocklin, US)
great job

excellent customer service

Wild Salmon Oil
Courtnie Costello (Antioch, US)

Goldie loves the flavor and it’s made her skin and coat soo shiny ! Definitely recommend

Feline Complete™
Camping with Dogs (Chicago, US)
Perfect for cats

I love this product. It is great for cats and very nutritious