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Since 1998, our company Wholistic Pet Organics®, has manufactured the very best in animal health products and supplements in-house. We set out to create high-end supplements that customers could trust for superior quality and effectiveness; A supplement that all our companion animals deserve.

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Great addition!

I add this to my homemade dog food to make sure they're getting the calcium and omegas that they need. The stuff always smells good and seems edible to Not always the case with anything dog food related. All my dogs have been having a clean bill of health at the vets (excellent really) so I think things are going well! I like having this organic supplement as a little bit of reassurance that my pups are getting everything they need.

Joint Mobility GLM™

My 5 yo golden retriever loves this stuff mixed into his food. He has been using it for about 2 years now, and I have noticed a significant difference in his mobility. He used to struggle with his joints after playing fetch for long periods, but this has helped him so much, especially as he’s aging. It’s never too early to start a large breed dog on joint supplements! He also has a sensitive stomach, but this has never given him a problem and has kept him regular.

Helps my boy with his tummy

My rescued rottweiler boy has always had a sensitive stomach. This helps him with his digestion and has helped ease up his horrible gas. He doesn't clear the room anymore! Thanks for the help!

Marion Miller
Excellent quality.

We have been using this salmon oil for years and the quality of the oil is consistently good. I have never put it on my dogs food only to have them back away from their dish which has happened with other brands. When a pug refuses to eat their food, you know there is a problem. Wholistic Pet Organics Wild Salmon Oil is the only one we buy now. It keeps their coats shiny even during the long upstate NY winters. I originally began giving it to one of our dogs who had terrible allergies. It did not cure his allergies but he loved the taste, didn't itch as much and his coat was so stunning even our vet commented on it.

Colostrum Powder FTW

This product is simply amazing. I have struggled for a few years to get my 5 year old German Shepherds allergies under control, both seasonal and food. This has helped me tremendously! He only eats once a day and we use it everyday for him - if we go more than 1 day without it the difference is insane! I will never take him off this supplement - worth every penny!

Essential to Urinary Health

I purchased this for my female following her second UTI as a youngster. Since starting this several years ago, it has been essential to her urinary health. While my girl still suffers from the occasional UTI due to excessive licking, at times, this product ensures her consistent urinary health. This will forever be a part of her supplement regimen, as will other Wholistic Pet Organics supplements.

Heather Zaiger
Even the puppy gets one

I have been using Run Free Soft Chews for all of my Black Labs. We lost our oldest one a year ago at the age of 14 years and 7 months. She still took long walks through the wood and played with her 10 year old sister. I attributed her long and healthy life to the addition of Run Free Soft Chews. Our 10 year old takes them and still hunts upland birds. We have a 5 month old puppy and have her started on Run Free Soft Chews already. I would definitely recommend!

Linda B.
I LOVE this stuff!!

I absolutely LOVE this stuff! I discovered it's benefits by accident. I am a professional dog groomer. I was bathing a Golden Retriever that was prone to having hot spots. I was bathing him in a hypoallergenic shampoo that, of course, didn't have a smell to it and the dog was a bit stinky. I loved the smell of Heavenly Herbal Shampoo and so I put a few squirts of it in with the hypoallergenic shampoo I had mixed up. When my clients returned for their dogs next appointment, they requested I use the same shampoo as I'd used before because it had cleared up his hot spots! I

Lisa Kellar
Amazing Product, Excellent Results!

This product is amazing! We had been back and forth to two different vets after our puppy had diarrhea multiple days a week for weeks on end, keeping us up at night. They would prescribe antibiotics or a probiotic, but nothing was working. Until we tried Digest All Plus. After a few days, he was no longer waking us up and not needing to frequently go outside to use the bathroom. We even recommended it to our friends who had similar issues and similar results! Thanks for a great product!

Andrew Smith

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