Pet Age Magazine "Coconut's Super Powers"

Pet Age Magazine "Coconut's Super Powers"

Here at Wholistic Pet Organics™ we've known the value coconut oil brings to our pets' health for a while now. Check out this article in Pet Age Magazine as author Maggie Marton highlights the super powers of coconut oil with our Director of Marketing and other industry experts.

"...According to Samantha Lang, director of marketing at Wholistic Pet Organics, it’s critical to pay attention to the coconut oil formulation in products.

“Coconut oil is available in different grades,” Lang said. “Depending on the grade, it will have more or less benefits to our pets. Unrefined, virgin coconut oil has the best nutritional value because it is not treated with chemicals or exposed to high heat. High-quality coconut oil should be white when solid and clear when a liquid. It should have a pleasant coconut smell and taste.”

Wholistic Pet Organics manufactures 100 percent certified organic, super premium, extra virgin and non-genetically engineered coconut oil.

“Pet parents can rest assured that by choosing our brand of coconut oil, their pets are receiving the full spectrum of benefits coconut oil has to offer,” she said. “Retailers should advise their customers that our Wholistic Coconut Oil is specifically manufactured for their pets, making it the most cost-effective option for the quality.”

As an ingredient, coconut is widely used in food and treats..."

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