About Wholistic Pet Organics®

Our family has been involved in the dog and horse show world for decades. That’s why we know that your animals are more than just pets—they’re members of your family. 

You love your pet family (we love ours too!) and naturally want the best for them. So we put our backgrounds in biology, chemistry, biochemistry, nutrition, and animal health sciences to work to develop Wholistic Pet Organics and its nutritionally superior offerings of natural animal health products, keeping the ones you love happy and healthy for years to come.

This website and our catalog of products is the embodiment of our search to find healthy, holistic products for our companion animals. We believe that there will continue to be a movement away from chemical-laden, inferior-quality pet products to healthy, all natural alternatives. Our animals depend totally and completely on us; they deserve the very best that we can give.

We are committed to making available to you only the best products. Our line of products always uses high-quality, whole-food, and certified organic ingredients regardless of their cost. To us, the health of our pets is invaluable. We are not veterinarians and do not, in any way, mean to diagnose or treat. We offer only choices and, hopefully, enough knowledge so that you will be better informed. Just as with children, you are the best advocate for your pet. Anything you do must always make sense to you and, most importantly, be right for your pet. Our mission is to help all our beloved pets live happier, healthy lives free from avoidable health problems.

 - The Phillips Family 


Wholesome nutrition for Total Body Health and a happier life.

The secret behind the purity and potency of our products is simple: We insist on using only the finest ingredients, the majority of which are not only Certified Organic but, are whole, unprocessed foods. These raw food ingredients provide essential nutrients for a pet’s optimal health. Plus, we formulate every single supplement without chemicals, fillers, artificial preservatives or colors. After all, our animals completely depend on us and they deserve the very best. It’s also good to know that each batch is blended and packaged in our FDA registered and audited New Hampshire facility. We take extra care to ensure that every product we make is of the highest quality and purity, while maintaining the highest quality control standards in the industry.

As members of NASC (National Animal Supplement Council,) New Hampshire Made, and OTA (Organic Trade Association), we specialize in premium, organic pet nutritional supplements including Wholistic Canine Complete™, Wholistic Canine Complete +Joint Mobility™, Wholistic Run Free™ and Wholistic Sea Kelp™, all designed solely with your pet's health in mind. Utilized by top winning show dogs over the past decades, we want to ensure good health and a long life for all pets! Situated close to the White Mountains of New Hampshire, where the serenity and purity of nature is a daily experience, it was only "natural" that Wholistic Pet Organics, would eventually evolve. Based simply on a desire that a healthy lifestyle should encompass our most dependent and devoted family members, our dear pets, our catalog of natural products began to take form in 1998. Having been involved in the dog show world for over thirty years, we are passionately devoted to our pets. We have personally experienced the highs and lows of pet ownership. We know, only too well, that the life span of our pets is far too short. This fact is what started us on a path to holistic health care. 


 Wholistic Pet Organics® is NASC Certified

At Wholistic Pet Organics, we go above and beyond to ensure that we provide only the best when it comes to health products and supplements for your pet. That’s why we’ve gone above and beyond to earn the National Animal Supplement Council (NASC) Quality Seal. When you choose Wholistic Pet Organics, you can rest assured that you’re providing your pet with a product that exceeds the highest standards of quality. See below to learn more about the importance of the NASC seal and the specific standards that apply for certification.

The NASC is a non-profit industry group dedicated to protecting and enhancing the health of companion animals and horses throughout the United States. NASC was formed in 2001 when the multibillion dollar animal health supplement industry was threatened by a complicated and erratic regulatory environment.

As part of its ongoing efforts to improve and standardize the animal health supplement industry, NASC initiated its Quality Seal Program. The Seal is a way for consumers to know that when they buy a product, they buy from a reputable company that has successfully completed a facility audit. Different from the NASC logo, use of the Seal is a privilege for members and signifies that the company has been audited for implementation of specific standards.

Consumers should look for the NASC Quality Seal. Purchasing products from NASC members is the best way consumers can support efforts to improve the quality of animal health supplements and ensure the continued availability of these products in the US market.

NASC member companies are required to demonstrate compliance with the following criteria before they are granted permission to display the Seal on their products, websites, product literature and advertisements:

  • The company must have a Quality Control Manual in place that provides written Standard Operating Procedures for production process control. This helps ensure the company is providing a consistent and quality product. 
  • The company must have an Adverse Event Reporting/Complaint System in place to continually monitor and evaluate products and ingredients. 
  • The company must follow proper Label Guidelines for all products and all forms of labeling. 
  • The company's product labels must include any specific Warning and Caution Statements recommended by the Food & Drug Administration’s Center for Veterinary Medicine and the NASC Scientific Advisory Committee for particular ingredients. 

The importance of NASC and its comprehensive audit program is to help minimize and control risk, statistically track all product information, keep the consumer educated with correct labeling information and make the consumer aware of any possible ingredient complexities with caution and warning statements. Ultimately, the entire program is designed to help elevate the quality of the animal health supplement industry for the benefit of all stakeholders including consumers and, more importantly, the animals themselves.

We thank you for your interest in Wholistic Pet Organics and hope you will joint our family. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to give us a call or drop us a message.