Canine Aquatics Competition - Nathan Jr. Soars!

Canine Aquatics Competition - Nathan Jr. Soars!

Photographed here dock jumping at his most recent competition in TN, Nathan Jr. jumped some of his farthest jumps of the year!! Heather Gulden, owner of Tucker Pet Supply and Nathan Jr, rely on Canine Complete + Joint Mobility to keep 4 year old Nathan Jr. at peak performance.

“I am now using your stuff with Nathan Jr along with another omega supplement. We switched to your products a few months ago (first I did the Canine Complete + Joint Mobility with Run Free, then when I ran out of Run Free, I just kept him on Canine Complete + Joint Mobility) and I am so happy with that decision. It allowed me to drop a little the other omega supplement I use because the Omega3's are so high in your products and overall I feel I got stellar results. We finished the season better than we ever have and I was most happy with his endurance and recovery. His best jumps were coming at end of day and end of event and that means he is really holding his energy well and recovering fast." says Heather.

Way to go Nathan Jr & Heather. Best of luck and may you continue to have success!

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