Happy National Specially-abled Pets Day!

Happy National Specially-abled Pets Day!💚🐶🐱🐴

This day is set aside to educate the public about caring for disabled pets and shine a spotlight on the needs of pets with disabilities. 

Roo Phillips Sleeping Pictured here is our specially-abled three-year-old tri-pup, Roo (short for kangaroo 🦘). Roo was originally our foster pup who won our hearts immediately the second our family first met her. Unlike the many other dogs we fostered previous to her, our children immediately told us she couldn’t go anywhere, and she was staying. After one day (and not much convincing), we became foster failures & this little girl officially became part of our family. She’s spunky, jumps around like a kangaroo, and loves to snuggle, chase chipmunks and smack you with her wiggly butt & tail. We ❤️ you Roo (aka Roozey Doozey, Roos-A-Ma-Doos, Boozy Roozey, Roo Bear, etc, etc). 

- The Phillips Family 

If you have a specially-abled pet at home, tag/send us a pic & let us celebrate them! 

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