In Memoriam

In Memoriam

It has been several months now since my husband & I lost our last dog of a long line of our beloved pets, Cinda. This is the first time that I can even speak about it and thus begin to let people know. It has been a very sad, lonely time for us. Cnda was family; she was one of us.

From seeing my kids head off to college, to seeing the new grandkids running around her, Cinda always had a smile on her face and a kind gesture fro everyone.

On Feb 23rd, Cinda’s heart finally succumbed at the grand old age of 14, where she quietly died in my arms. So hard to take—-so unbelievable——  she was always in great health and energy and those fortunate enough to meet her could not believe her age. 

But she is gone and I only have memories now when I think of her……be that everyday.

As all pet owners know, the loss of any of our 4-legged family members, no matter why, how or when, is devastating, and this time certainly was no different.

Cinda was our company mascot and the true embodiment of what holistic living could afford our pets. She also, certainly, was the true culmination of our top-winning, breeding and show line of 6 generations of Dobermans, all of whom lived a truly holistic, healthy life style. In fact, our Dobermans, beginning in 1998, were the driving force behind the creation of Wholistic Pet Organics and, later, The Wholistic Pet & Equine Center. To this day, Cinda’s mom, Am.Can.Ch. Adria’s Thrill Me Again Ilasand, graces the cover of all our company brochures and her grandad, Am.Can.Ch Alisaton Thriller v Dalclar appears throughout the pages. They were deeply loved.

When we began, We truly wanted to share with all pet owners that there is a better way to feed and care for our pets. Contrary to the current trend, healthy pet ownership involves a movement away from chemical-laden foods, inferior ingredients in food, and a chemical-free environment that is slowly and methodically sickening and eventually killing our pets. Our pets mean too much to us to not afford them the best-quality life possible and the ability to fulfill their genetic potential….our ultimate goal: to have our beloved pets live as long as possible, as healthy as possible so we could have and love them for as long as possible.

What pet owner doesn’t want that?

For those who don’t know, Dobermans are deemed to be a breed with many health problems coupled with a short life span, currently reported to be 4-6 years. Well, my dogs were not going to fall into that realm and they didn’t!

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