Wholistic Pet Organics Streamlined Pet Supplement Line

Our Streamlined Pet Supplement Line

We’re excited to announce our streamlined product line. Now you may be thinking, why are we doing this? In short, we want to make things simple for you. That means confidently knowing what product will work best for your beloved pet! Here’s a letter from our COO explaining the why behind this transition.

Dear Wholistic Family,

Since 1998, our company Wholistic Pet Organics® has offered the best in animal health products and supplements. We set out to create high-end supplements that customers could trust for superior quality and effectiveness, a supplement that all our companion animals deserve.

We continue to formulate and manufacture our products to the highest quality standards regardless of cost and have, at times, upwards of 157 product choices. While this was a great way to offer something for everyone, it posed some challenges for customers when choosing the right supplements for their companion animals.

As our company continues to grow and with new challenges within the global supply chain, we have decided to remove some of our product offerings. To help optimize production, keep our price increases to a minimum, and bring more clarity to our product offerings for new and existing customers, we will be reducing the volume of products we have previously offered. In addition, we will be making changes to how our products are packaged due to the direct feedback we have received from our valued customers. 

Below is a list of our streamlined product line. Some products will have new names so please scroll over or tap the underlined products to see their former name.

Streamlined Product Line

Digestive + Gut

Digestive Soft Chews Digest-All Plus Soft Chews

Digest-All Plus
Equine Digest-All Plus

Skin & Coat

Salmon Oil
Flaxseed Oil
Heavenly Herbal Pet Shampoo
Equine Flaxseed Oil

Vitamin & Mineral

Multivitamin Soft Chews Canine Complete Soft Chews

Calcium Support Sea Coral Calcium

Canine Complete
Feline Complete
Equine Complete
Diatomaceous Earth

Hip & Joint

Hip & Joint Soft Chews Run Free Soft Chews

Joint Mobility with GLM
Run Free
Equine Joint Mobility


Immune Balance Colostrum

Immune Boost Ester-C


WholeCran Intense
Krill Oil Soft Gels

The products removed from our current offering will be available as “Last Chance” products (while supplies last) and will have a final sale date of December 31, 2022. Below is a list of those “Last Chance” products and the list of product offerings that will be available moving forward.

Last Chance

If you liked this Try this OR this
Acidophilus WholeBiotics
Digest-All Digest-All Plus
Joint Mobility Joint Mobility GLM Canine Complete + Run Free
MSM Run Free Hip & Joint Soft Chews
Shark Cartilage Run Free Hip & Joint Soft Chews
Run Free GLM Run Free Joint Mobility GLM
Cod Liver Oil Salmon Oil Flaxseed Oil
Coconut Oil Salmon Oil Flaxseed Oil
Sea Kelp Joint Mobility GLM Canine Complete
Bee Power Joint Mobility GLM
Equine Glisten & Gleam Equine Joint Mobility Equine Complete
Equine MSM Equine Joint Mobility
Equine Run Free Equine Joint Mobility
Equine Sea Kelp Equine Joint Mobility Equine Complete
Equine Bee Power Equine Joint Mobility Equine Complete

I want to thank our loyal customers who have helped us become the company we are today. As markets change, we want to make sure we adapt so that more pet parents can learn about Wholistic Pet Organics® and hopefully will move away from inferior, chemical-ridden products.

For any questions or concerns, please reach out to us via our
website: www.wholisticpetorganics.com;
email: cs@wholisticpetorganics.com or
telephone: 1-888-452-7263.

Ryan Phillips, COO

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