Wholistic Ester C® for Immune Support

Wholistic Ester C® is a patented, non-acidic, Body-Ready® form of Vitamin C that is easily absorbed for maximum effectiveness over other forms of Vitamin C.

Dogs do produce some Vitamin C, but not nearly the amount that may be necessary for peak health. Under periods of elevated stress, Vitamin C is rapidly depleted.

Wholistic Ester-C® helps support a strong immune system, healthy joints, and optimum health for your pet!

Ester C® is a registered trademark, US patent #4,822,816.


  • Delivers Total Body Support™
  • Helps maintain a healthy immune system and response.
  • Helps aid in seasonal and occasional allergy relief
  • Helps aid in joint and bone health
  • Helps aid in antioxidant support

Active Ingredients per scoop*:

*1 scoop = 1/4 teaspoon = 1 g (included)

Ester-C® (Calcium Ascorbate Blend 1000 mg

Free of fillers such as soy, wheat, yeast, corn, sugar, dairy, and animal products. Recommended for dogs and cats of all ages


Ester-C® is a patented form of Vitamin C that is “body-ready” and found to be four times more readily available to body tissue than basic Vitamin C. There is an increased demand for Ester-C® during times of stress such as heavy exercise or injury. Being an important constituent of connective tissue, Ester-C® also serves as a chondroprotective, anti-inflammatory, and immune responsive substance. Ester-C® is very easy on the stomach lining.

Inactive Ingredients:

Cod Liver Oil

Feeding Instructions

For dogs and cats only. Great for all ages.

Administer 1/4 teaspoon per 30 lbs of body weight per day. Can be given before or after meals. Amount may be adjusted according to individual pet’s need.

Store in a cool, dry place.

Customer Reviews

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Hello Kimberly! Thank you so much for this 5-star review of our Ester-C.

Ester C super great

Its super great

good product

A friend of the family recommended supplementing with ester C when she saw how our pug puppy was sitting with his legs spread out and a kind of to the side like wings....we just thought it was cute, odd but cute. After doing some research we figured between the immune support and joint support it offers the ester C, it would be worth trying and Wholistic Organics has always offered great products that we have come to count on for their quality. We have been giving him this since he was a puppy (he is now 4) and he is a very healthy dog. I will go as far as to brag that even our vet comments on what great shape he is in and that he doesn't have a lot of the issues you normally see nowadays in pugs.

Hi GLouise,
Thank you for your glowing review of our Ester-C Supplement. We are so glad your pug is feeling healthy and that even your vet has noticed! Keep up the great work!
We would love to see the difference that our supplement is making for your furry friend! If you would like to send us any before and after pictures/videos, we would love to feature them on our website and social media, along with your review!
Just send them to! We will even send you a $5 coupon valid on your next supplement purchase! (please make sure the images are clear and of good quality)

We look forward to hearing from you soon,
The Wholistic Pet Organics Team


This product helps with allergies. Have seen improvement since adding this product.

Easy to use and pets don’t mind it

I started both my pets on this product a few weeks ago. Both are doing well. My cat is 10 and has a disc problem, lower jaw issues and flexor laxity. My dog is 7 and has elbow dysplasia and a reconstructed rear leg. I read in a review it might help joints and both my pets already take every supplement they can for joints so I added this too! I mix it right into my cats wet food and she doesn’t notice. The dog eats dry, I make sure to squirt her fish oil right on top of the powder to manage it a bit better. No one wants a snout full of ester-c. It also dissolves well. I have tried adding warm water to my dogs kibble with the ester-c and it worked fine. I will continue to purchase.