USDA Certified

Wholistic Pet Organics® is USDA Certified!

Wholistic Pet Organics is USDA Certified
Wholistic Pet Organics is USDA Certified Organic

Since 1998, our company Wholistic Pet Organics®, has offered the very best in animal health products and supplements. We set out to create high-end supplements that customers could trust for superior quality and effectiveness; A supplement that all our companion animals deserve.

We continue to formulate and manufacture our products to the highest quality standards and today, we add one more accolade to our ever-growing list of third-party quality seals and accreditations; The USDA Organic Seal.

What does the USDA Organic Seal mean?
The USDA Organic seal is one of the most highly regulated audit programs in the United States. To be labeled as “organic”, a USDA certified agency must audit and inspect all aspects of the company and its’ products. Products are certified to meet certain handling, production, and labeling standards. Furthermore, Organic products must be produced using agricultural production practices that foster resource cycling, promote ecological balance, maintain and improve soil and water quality, minimize the use of synthetic materials, and conserve biodiversity.

What to look for
There are four types of organic labels you will find throughout the Wholistic Pet Organics line. The first is “100% organic”. As the name suggests, this product contains 100 percent organic ingredients. This type of product will showcase the USDA Organic Seal. The second type is “Organic”. This product will contain a minimum of 95 percent organic ingredients and will also show the USDA organic seal. The third type is “Made with Organic”. These products contain a minimum of 70 percent organic ingredients. These products will not show the USDA Seal. Lastly, the remaining products below 70 percent, will have the specific organic ingredients listed in the ingredients list.