25 Years of Pet Wellness: Heartwarming Tales from Our Loyal Customers

25 Years of Pet Wellness: Heartwarming Tales from Our Loyal Customers

As Wholistic Pet Organics celebrates its remarkable journey of 25 years in the pet industry, we are thrilled to share the heart-touching stories of our cherished customers. Through their genuine experiences, you will discover how our carefully crafted pet supplements have transformed the lives of their furry companions. Get ready to embark on a heartwarming journey filled with tales of improved health, vitality, and happiness.


Dog sitting infront of her favorite digestive supplement, Digest-All Plus

"We first started using Wholistic Pet Organics Run Free GLM and Joint Mobility GLM six years ago. Poppy was a young, active dog. She was trail running, hiking, backpacking, and training in dog sports regularly and we wanted to give her supplements that would aid her mobility and joint health so that she could be active and healthy well into her senior years. In addition, we knew her breed mix was prone to joint issues and wanted to do everything we could to prevent the onset of these issues. Run Free GLM and Joint Mobility GLM + Enhanced Multivitamins really helped Poppy to maintain our active lifestyle without any mobility issues. Now at 7 years old, she is as fit as ever and still able to do the same things she did when she was younger. I truly believe that eating a healthy diet, getting regular exercise, and adding the finest quality supplements and vitamins have been key to her well-being as an active dog.
We’ve been so pleased with how Run Free GLM and Joint Mobility GLM helped our girl remain active her entire life that we recently added a pre and probiotic supplement to aid her gut health. Poppy was having stool and anal sac issues at the beginning of the year. One of the things our vet recommended to prevent these issues from happening again in the future was adding a pre and probiotic supplement. We’ve been using Digest-All Plus for about 3 months now and we’ve seen an improvement in Poppy’s stool consistency and potty time regularity. I am a huge advocate of preventative care and as a result Digest-All Plus is now a part of Poppy’s daily meals.
When we travel, when Poppy is dealing with allergies, or when Poppy has a particularly strenuous schedule (like when we go backpacking), we’ve started using Immune Balance to keep her immune system strong and to help her recover faster. When Poppy gets stressed or when she has particularly bad allergies, I’ve noticed that her body reacts by shedding fur. However, when we started using Immune Balance, the supplement drastically reduced her fur loss.
I can’t say enough about how Wholistic Pet Organics has helped Poppy. When we need supplements, we turn to Wholistic Pet Organics first because we trust their quality natural ingredients. Wholistic Pet Organics is definitely an important factor that has helped maintain Poppy’s well-being." - Arleen B.

Products: Run Free GLM, Joint Mobility GLM, Digest All Plus, and Immune Balance


Eddie the Shishon mix

"My dog, Eddie, is a Shishon mix. He will be 17 in two weeks. He has severe arthritis in his hind legs and struggles to stand for long periods of time. I have been giving him Joint Mobility GLM and Run Free for the past several years. Even with his age and arthritic legs, he still trots and/or runs around like a puppy, which is what strangers call him when they see him on his walks. I also use the Heavenly Herbal Shampoo as well as the Wholecran Intense powder as a natural toothpaste for his teeth, which for his age, are still relatively white with not too much tartar. All of these products have made a tremendous difference in the health and well-being of our pooch!" - Cathy G.

Products: Joint Mobility GLM, Run Free, Heavenly Herbal Shampoo and Wholecran Intense

Buster, Ella & Hudson

Muffin Tin and tennisball enrichment activity Wholistic Pet Organics Spirulina

"In 2017 we started using Colostrum Power when we were in the thick of battling allergies with our oldest dog, Buster. We eventually got an allergy test done and found what he was allergic to, but the colostrum helped so much holding off his allergies and helping him build his immune system drastically. When we got our second dog in 2018 we continued to give colostrum to both pups to strengthen their immune system. In 2021 we decided to branch out and try the Bee Power(bee pollen) to also help strengthen their immune system + reduce allergy symptoms! Bee Power was discontinued, but we found a new product for our second oldest who is a GSD. Joint Mobility GLM! Not only does this help her shepherd hips healthier — it also doubles as a good topper! I add this on + the green lipped mussels in it makes her drool! We just got a puppy last year and we’re thinking about adding colostrum power back into his diet so he can have the best immune system possible! Thanks to Wholostic Pet Organics for making such wonderful products. You make our lives much easier knowing that the health of our pups are the front most importance to you!" - Alexis S.

Products: Joint Mobility GLM, Bee Power, and Immune Balance

Sascha 🐶🌈 & Waffles

Muffin Tin and tennisball enrichment activity Wholistic Pet Organics Spirulina

"My dog GSD Sascha was 7 when I started putting him on Wholistic Pet Organics Joint support which was recommended to us at our local natural pet store. I noticed an immediate difference in his overall movement and comfort. When we adopted my second dog Waffles ( Poodle Mix), I didn't hesitate to start her on Joint Support with GLM much sooner since she was such an active girl. She loves the taste and gets some on every meal. I also use the salmon oil to help boost her coat and skin. I believe that these two supplements are extremely beneficiary to their overall health along with exercise and a nutritious diet. I also love supporting a local company and they ship fast!" - Catherine R.

Products: Salmon Oil and Joint Mobility GLM

Shark🐶🌈 & Sarah Kay

Shark and Sarah Kay

"My 14 year old lab, Shark, died last year. I know that Canine Complete gave her another 7 years, of a healthy and pain free life. I decided on putting her on your product, after reading stories on care for dogs that have torn their ACL. It gave her a new lease on life, and I thank you so much for those extra years. I had just ordered another 4 lb bucket, that arrived after I had made the decision, that she had gone long enough keeping me happy and we would meet at 'rainbow bridge'. I eventually got my new best friend, a aussie/cattle dog cross, that has severe social anxiety issues. But if she hadn't, I doubt the rescue would have let me adopt her. She needed a very small (1 person) new family, to learn to trust people again. When she came to me, her coat was scaley, and dry. I started her on your product, and one year later she has the most beautiful coat, and her joints have been protected from her circus like jumps, when she is unsure of her surroundings and stressed. Will try and always supplement her for optimum health and longevity. Thank you" - Marilyn T.

Products: Joint Mobility GLM

Buddy & Keiko

"Hello Wholistic Pet Organics! My name is Kendra and I have been feeding your supplements for upwards of 3 and 1/2 years. Both my Shih Tzu Buddy and my retriever mix Keiko have been on your supplements for a long time. Our first products we used from you was the bee pollen powder. My Shih Tzu suffers from seasonal allergies and I have found that your products have been one of the only things that have helped. Like I said, we originally used your bee pollen but have since switched to the green lip muscle joint mobility supplement that contains bee pollen. Ever since switching, I have found that not only is allergies have declined, but he is more energetic and excited to go for hikes and do activities. I also started Keiko on the joint mobility supplement as he is my service dog who works daily anywhere from 4 to 12 hours. He needs to be in his best health in order to keep me safe. I'm incredibly grateful I found your products as both of my dogs are now not only healthy but extremely happy. Not to mention, they both absolutely love the taste, which is a lot coming from a picky dog. I can't wait to further support your company in both of my dog's future, and I will forever recommend you to any owners looking to improve their dogs meals and health." - Kendra M.

Products: Joint Mobility GLM and Bee Power


Black Cat

"In 2019 my cat Tazz at only 3 years old started experiencing a number of health issues, all rooted in inflammation. I was incredibly scared and confused but determined to get him healthy again because there was nothing more I wanted then for him to live a long happy life with me. I went down a deep dive researching cat health, diet and supplements - this is where my personal holistic journey began and how I found Wholisitic Pet Organics.
In my research I quickly learned how important a healthy gut was in overall health so I knew one of my first steps was to get him on a GOOD probiotic/digestive enzyme. I quickly felt overwhelmed since there were so many gut supplements out there to choose from. Ultimately I chose WPO Digest-All Plus because I loved the ingredients (nothing artificial & no fillers!) and the NASC label won me over. I knew I could trust the quality of WPO and that was really important to me.
I am pleased to say Tazz responded very well to the addition of Digest-All Plus! He gained weight, had healthier stools and was starting to heel. Tazz has come so far in the past 3 years. He is so much healthier and happier! I am grateful to have found WPO when I didn't know where to start on his long journey of healing. Since then, my other cat and 2 dogs are also getting Digest-All Plus added to their food and are doing amazing!" - Colleen V.

Products: Digest-All Plus

Remy & Charlie

"I’m happy to say that my pups, Remy (silver lab) and Charlie (57 varieties rescue pup from Louisiana) take two of the supplements you offer and have had great results. WholeBiotics has helped them to have super digestive systems- they don’t have stomach issues or bouts of diarrhea, which we have experienced with other pups we’ve had. We also use the Joint Mobility GLM which I believe is helping their bones, muscles and joints to stay healthy which enables them to take our daily walks without experiencing pain. I’ve had labs that have had arthritis and hip dysplasia which was very difficult to manage. I truly believe this product is helping to prevent those issues. These are great products which I would highly recommend (and I have) to anyone looking to help their dogs lead healthy and flexible lives." - Patte P.

Products: WholeBiotics and Joint Mobility GLM


german shepherd sitting outside waiting for wholistic pet organics supplements for dogs

"Happy 25th Anniversary! I have been using your products for over 15 years for my German shepherds. I research everything that I put into my dogs and really loved the care and quality you put into them. Currently the shepherd I have, Sadie, is my 3rd generation and turned 12 this past December. She has played many roles in her life from obedience competitions, nose work competitions, Therapy dog visiting patients and my service dog for the past 4 years after suffering from a TBI. Every thing she does she does with enthusiasm and loyalty. I want to give her only the best and she has been on your supplements for her whole life. She and I walk daily anywhere from 2-4 miles, last year we actually hiked 1000 ft elevation a couple of times for the first time together and I think the supplements greatly assist her strength and abilities. She has had 2 separate surgeries for mammory cancer, one in 2020 and the other in 2022. The prognosis after the first surgery wasn’t great but she has done amazingly well and I am blessed to have her. Because she has entered her 13th year of life the German Shepherd Dog Club of America has an ward called the “13 Club”. I think that the Wholistic Pet supplements have helped her to achieve this. I’m so thankful that people who care about our pets like you do are here. I love this dog more than I could put into words and I thank you for the role you played in her life. Nothing but the best will do." - Anita M.

Products: Joint Mobility and Diatomaceous Earth daily. Wild Salmon Oil, Coconut Oil and Flaxseed Oil when needed

Jack and Gabe

"Wholistic Pet Organics Runs Free is the first product we used from this company probably close to, if not 20 years ago and it is a product we still use. We began using this for our adult boxer who was suffering from the beginnings of hip dysplasia on the recommendation of our vet. When his mobility began to improve we decided to also give it to our elderly pug Sam who was suffering from arthritis. After our elderly, 11 year old, pug started playing like a puppy again we were never without a container of Runs Free. It is heartbreaking and heartwarming when you see old friends able to play the way they used to and realize the pain and soreness that was holding them back has been relieved. Fast forward a few years and the sadness of losing our loved ones combined with the excitement of bringing new additions to our family and this product came in handy again. Jack our pug was probably about 4 when he needed surgery due to a luxating patella. Since we knew Jack had this issue we had already been giving him Runs Free but with the surgery we became more consistent in our use. Our vet was shocked how well Jack healed and how quickly he was back to his happy, playful self with no visible change in his mobility. Along with a great Vet we think this supplement helped with his recovery and continues to help as he ages.
Now we come to the newest member of our family, our boxer puppy Gabe. He decided no baby gate could hold him and broke his leg in 3 places to proved he was right after destroying 4 baby gates to do it. After 3 months of keeping a boxer puppy stationary and calm, his leg healed beautifully but we noticed that vigorous play could irritate the newly healed injuries. Because of our past experience with Runs Free, we immediately began giving this to him and noticed right away he seemed to benefit from having Runs Free daily but what really sold us on never being without it was when we ran out. After months then a year of pain free play and growth, he was once again limping after playing, running and jumping. At first we thought he had hurt himself and we rushed him to the vets. Examinations, test etc but everything looked good and there were no new injuries. It was on the way home when we were talking, we realized it had been over a month since we had run out of Runs Free. As soon as I got home I placed my order. Easily, within a week of receiving Runs Free daily, Gabe was back to his crazy self without any limping or soreness at the end of the day. I recommend this product and Wholistic Pet Organics every chance I get, their products work. " - Gina T.

Products: Run Free GLM

Dalmation Siblings

Dalmation looking out window for wholistic pet organics supplements for dogs

"One day I was at a family owned pet food store checking the shelves for a product that would help boost my young dog's immune system as he was a mess after a neuter surgery. I found your Colostrum (now called Immune Balance) jar and purchased it not knowing much about your company. Once getting home and checking out your website, I recalled that his breeder had used Canine Complete when feeding her dogs while I was picking up my pup. Now a few years later, not only am I using more of your products on a daily basis with my two Dalmatians (Canine Complete, Salmon Oil, Run Free, Wholebiotics, (Kelp and Bee Power which I had to buy a stock up supply when you discontinued them)), I have ordered and tried a few other products that were necessary for short term use. (Diatomaceous Earth, WholeCalm, Sea Coral Calcium). I have shared my success with your products with lots of friends, and have asked several stores to carry your products. Several times I have made phone calls to your company to ask questions and have had great conversations with your employees. So, I will continue to shop at my favorite stores and also buy direct off your website when I want the larger sized packages and to utilize your great sales throughout the year." - Lori H.

Products: Canine Complete, Immune Balance, Salmon Oil, Run Free, Wholebiotics, Bee Power, and Sea Kelp

Jack the Pug

pug looking at camera

"Our pug has allergies. No matter the month, time of year or what we feed him, he is itchy and his ears are a disgusting mess we need to clean at least every other day. We tried the easy stuff like cutting out normal food allergens and caution with the cleaning products we use. Nothing helped and we ended up having to use over the counter allergy medications and then stronger prescription meds like Apoquel after his feet became so inflamed they swelled and his ears were constantly infected. After reading about the down sides of long term use of medications we did a little more digging and we decided to give Wholistic Pet Organics Colostrum a try. It probably took a couple of weeks but we began to see a noticeable difference. With continued use, he no longer is licking his feet to infection and his stinky ears are no longer things to fear. With WPO Colostrum once a day he is basically itch free and his ears are only 1 Q-tip each, once a week which is all around amazing. Such an easy answer to a terrible problem and he LOVES this stuff. " - Gina T.

Products: Immune Balance

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