5 DIY Enrichment Ideas for Dogs

5 DIY Enrichment Ideas for Dogs

Working from home has many benefits, including being with your dog all day. Although you may find keeping your pet preoccupied when you can't is a challenge. There are ways to structure your schedule to ensure your dog gets the movement they need. What if you're in a meeting and can't give your pet the attention they're asking for? Or maybe you need to step out for a moment and wish to keep them entertained? The good news is there are ways to keep them busy during those moments when you can't. We have compiled a list of our favorite DIY enrichment toys to help entertain your pet's brain! Because not only do we love making sure our pets are physically moving, but we also want to make sure they're exercising their brain too! First, let's dive into the benefits.

Benefits of Enrichment

Here are a few reasons to give your pet an enrichment activity. Giving your dog a puzzle to solve will challenge their brain. By keeping them busy and satisfied, you’ll prevent unwanted chewing. Another benefit is dental health, care for your pet's teeth than with a stimulating activity. Now, let’s look at ways to make enrichment toys for your dogs!

Repurposed WPO Container

This easy dog enrichment toy will have your dog engaged in no time. Drill holes in your empty WPO container and fill the inside with treats. Place the container on its side, and watch as the treats trickle out with every movement. This is a great activity to get your pups to use their nose, and it rewards them along the way!

What you need:
- Empty WPO Container
- Drill
- Treats

Apple Kong

This one is quick and easy! Remove the core, then fill the inside with peanut butter or your filling of choice. Not sure what fillings to use? Try pumpkin, canned food, cottage cheese, yogurt, or mashed banana! Don’t forget to sprinkle your dog’s supplements in there too!

What you need:
- Apple
- Peanut Butter

Muffin Tin

Another great enrichment toy to get your dog entertained is this simple muffin tin activity. Place your treat of choice in each cup. Then, place a tennis ball over each cup. Your pup will then have to use their nose to find the treats! Encourage your dog along the way and watch how they use their brain. Feeder puzzles for dogs are a great way to decrease overeating.

What you need:
- Muffin Tin (Mini muffin tin for smaller dogs)
- Tennis Balls
- Treats

Towel Treat Roll Up

This fun activity is a great way to stimulate your dog's brain! All you need is a towel and your pet’s favorite treats. First, you’ll want to lay out your towel. Then, place the treats along the edge of one side, roll over, and repeat!

What you need:
- Towel
- Treats

Dog Lick Mat

Dog Lick Mat There are endless dog lick mat ideas, and we want to share one of our favorites. Lick mats are another great way to help introduce flavors and textures to your pup. This fun activity, paired with our Joint Mobility GLM, will give you peace in knowing your pet is getting the nutrients and mental stimulation they need. Pumpkin, cottage cheese, and greek yogurt are other options to use in a lick mat.

What we used:
- Joint Mobility with GLM
- Peanut Butter (Dog-safe, xylitol-free)
- Strawberries, Blueberries, and Bananas

Step 1: Mix the peanut butter and Joint Mobility with GLM. Then, spread it onto a lick mat.
Step 2: Set the blueberries aside. Slice the strawberries and bananas.
Step 3: Spread the sliced fruit and blueberries onto the lick mat. Step 4: Store in the refrigerator or freezer.

Quick Summary

Our beloved pups love to break a mental sweat as much as they love romping around outside. Having simple DIY dog enrichment toys on hand to help stimulate their brains is essential for any pet parent. As pet parents, we want the best for our beloved pets. That's why we want to encourage pet owners to take on the Wholistic Approach. The Wholistic Approach enhances our pets' lives by balancing their nutrition, physical activity, and mental health! What are some ways you improve your pets' life? Comment below with any advice you may have for other pet parents. Remember to check out our supplement line to find the best nutrients for your pet!

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